Debt Consolidation Mortgage

Best Home Loan Consolidation Rates | AVRUS | Avrus Financial & Mortgage Services, Inc. ?It’s possible that refinancing your debt into a mortgage might be the ideal situation for dealing with your multiples sources of debt. At Avrus Financial, we want to make sure to offer you the best debt consolidation mortgage, with the best interest rates for refinancing and the best home loan refinancing options.

Lenders are far more likely to approve you when they see evidence that you are educated financially and are using your saved-up equity to consolidate your high-interest debt. And it’s a golden opportunity to wipe the slate clean without going the bankruptcy route. You’ll save money every month with the best mortgage refinance deals that we’ll find for you, and in the process you’ll finally pay off your debts and reduce your mortgage payments.

Getting approved and the advantages of a debt consolidation loan.

What are the advantages of a debt-consolidation mortgage? | AVRUS | Avrus Financial & Mortgage Services, Inc. ?1. The best advantage of consolidating all of your loans with one mortgage lender (with, of course, the best mortgage refi rates!) is that you will only have to make one easy payment to one creditor instead of having to make several different payments to several different high-interest creditors.

2. You will be able to successfully manage your bills and avoid annoying debt-collection calls.

3. You will no doubt lower your interest rates! Call 800-741-4004 we will offer you the best refinance mortgage deals in the United States. Debt consolidation mortgages are normally offered at considerably lower interest rates than other types of loans.

4. After you consolidate, your payments may be even lower than what you are paying now!

5. Improve your credit score! With a debt consolidation mortgage you can pay off all your bills in one clean sweep, positively affecting your credit score.

6. Consolidating your credit card debt into your mortgage you will be able to write off all paid interest on your tax returns.

7. Banks and credit unions are increasing their minimum monthly payments on balances. By consolidating your debt you can take advantage of fixed monthly payments and avoid the increasing minimum balance problem all together.

8. A substantial increase in your credit score when you pay your credit cards and debts down with a cash-out mortgage refinance.

We are always updating our current Florida mortgage rates, and current Georgia mortgage rates, and not only can we offer the best mortgage refinance deals for everyone, we have special programs for veterans, and for those wishing to consolidate extensive debt.

Home Loan Refinance Options

If you’re experiencing financial trouble and find that you can’t keep managing your multiple monthly bills, then you should consider Avrus Financial’s home-loan refinancing options. Applying for a home loan refinance will allow you to quickly lock in the lowest possible mortgage rates at this time.

Debt-consolidation loans are available in forms that include:

  • unsecured personal loans
  • secured personal loans
  • mortgages

Your first step in consolidating your debt is to make a complete list of the debt you want to consolidate. Your Avrus Financial consultant can assist with this task, then review the list with you and confirm that your property has enough equity to pay off what you owe. During the process of consolidating your loans you must continue to make your regular payments toward those debts. If not, the default and late payments could negatively affect your credit score as well as the outcome of your loan.

Want more information on a debt-consolidation mortgage? Ask us how!