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Florida May Be on The Bottom Of The Map But Its On the Top Of the Food Chain For Real Estate

OMG! Florida mortgage! To some that has the same feel as Florida car rental. “Better get the extra insurance, honey, those Florida drivers are crazy.” For those of you that experience this kind of anxiety about an impending “mortgage fender bender,” let us calm your fears.

Avrus Financial is a privately owned Florida mortgage company. We have helped our clients find the loan that’s right for them since 1982. We are licensed, insured and bonded as direct lenders and brokers through the Florida Department of Financial Services. More importantly, we are committed to your peace of mind and the successful closing of your loan. Allow us to help find the right Florida mortgage for you. Bank say no! We say yes!

Avrus Financial and Mortgage Services: Your Florida Mortgage Brokers
We cover the full spectrum of our clients’ mortgage needs, and we do it with a smile! Everything we do revolves around our ‘customer for life’ principle – providing superior service that keeps our customers coming back for more, and referring their friends and family to us.

We Can Help With all Types of Mortgages in Florida

  • -First time home buyers? Check into low FHA mortgage rates.
  • -Veteran? The VA mortgage program is designed for you.
  • -Simplify your life and turn your back on high interest payments with debt consolidation mortgages.
  • -Mortgage rates for primary residences.
  • -Mortgage rates for secondary/vacation homes.
  • -Mortgage rates for investment properties.
  • -Refinance your existing mortgage at historically low interest rates and save $$$.
  • -62+ years old? A reverse mortgage might be for you.


What to Look For in a Florida Mortgage Broker:

It may seem crazy for us to give you the 411 on what to look for in your Florida mortgage lender.  Because, hey,  we know that you could end up going elsewhere. We understand that you are the client and getting the best deal is your prerogative. That said, we can sleep better at night knowing we gave you some darn good advice that will keep you from your own “mortgage fender bender.”

10 Traits of Great Mortgage Broker

A great mortgage broker…

  1. 1) Knows when a refi is a bad idea and will tell you so!
  2. 2) Cares more about the well-being of your financial portfolio than their commission.
  3. 3) Acts in your best interest.
  4. 4) Knows their stuff, keeps you informed, and talks straight.
  5. 5) Finds the best rate.
  6. 6) Is patient and punctual. Time is of the essence!
  7. 7) Listens to your needs.
  8. 8) Is upfront about fees and cost.
  9. 9) Never talks you into taking on a larger loan that you can handle.
  10. 10) Writes home to mamma (we are a family establishment, you know… so we had to throw that one in).


Now that you know what to look for in your broker, we personally think you’d be crazy to go anywhere else. Give us a call, and let’s talk about your financial and mortgage needs.

Mortgage FL – We’ve Got You Covered!

We provide Florida mortgages to residents across the state including the following cities: Gainesville, Naples, Orlando, Tallahassee, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Bay, Pensacola, Tampa, Sarasota, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Cape Coral, Deltona, Lakeland, Ocala, Miami, and Port St. Lucie.


Florida Mortgage Refinance

Florida Mortgage Refinance | Mortgages in Florida

Ever feel like the price of stuff just keeps going up? We sure do. One happy exception is Florida mortgage rates. In fact they are not just cheap, they are at an all-time low. Historically, we haven’t seen rates anywhere near this since the 1960s. Check out the rate indications in our ‘Today’s Mortgage Rate’ ticker on this site.

That said, keep in mind that mortgage rates are influenced by many factors, related both to the property, and to the borrower. Property factors include current market value, location and the lenders’ appetite for the specific property. Borrower factors include your income, other assets and liabilities, credit history, employment status, age, and other demo-graphical factors. Whatever your specific circumstances may be, talk to an expert to find out how you can take advantage of a Florida mortgage refinance at these amazing rates.

What is Florida Mortgage Refinancing?

Refinancing can mean one of two things:

(i)            You are taking out a new loan to pay off an existing mortgage, usually because you can obtain better, more advantageous terms and save money, or

(ii)          You can ‘cash-out’ some of the equity from your property, if you no longer have a mortgage or have a low loan-to-value (LTV).

Whatever your motivation, and despite the challenging home prices over the last few years, there currently are many opportunities for a Florida refinance mortgage.

Top 3 Reasons for Florida Mortgage Refinancing.

  • –          Mortgage rates are at historic lows – saving you money.
  • –          A plethora of programs are at your disposal to help you close your refi. Many current government incentive programs are aimed at helping Florida property owners refinance their debt.  Take advantage today.
  • –          Even if you do not think you will qualify, there may be programs specifically designed for you. Don’t miss out talk to your Florida mortgage broker, you just might be surprised


To Refi or Not to Refi? That is the Question.


Potential Benefits:

  • -Lower interest rates mean lower mortgage payments.
  • -Shorter amortizations can help you pay off your mortgage faster.
  • -Cash-out some of the equity in your home.
  • -Savings over the life of your mortgage could be in the six figures!


Potential Challenges:

  • -Refinancing fees incurred.
  • -Insufficient equity.
  • -Property prices under water.


Refinancing is not a stand-alone decision. You and your loan broker must assess your entire financial picture and weigh the pros and cons. Yes, you could significantly lower the cost of your Florida mortgage rate. But, before you refinance, we will want to guarantee that your savings will exceed the fees incurred to make sure you come out ahead.

So Where Do You Begin Your Florida Mortgage Refinance?

Pick the right mortgage broker for your refinancing team. See our advice on the Ten Traits of a Great Broker. Having a broker you can trust, who takes into account your entire financial portfolio, and who communicates well with you will take the stress out of navigating the refinancing process. Let Avrus do the heavy lifting for you. Call us today to find out if the latest mortgage rate for either your Florida home purchase or your Florida refinance mortgage.

Psst, What’s all this Talk about a Reverse Mortgage Refinance?

Reverse Mortgages For Seniors At Avrus Financial And Mortgage Services
A Couple Considering a Reverse Mortgage

For a reverse mortgage, Florida is the place to be. If you are 62 years or older, and have equity in your home, check out our reverse mortgage program. This innovative mortgage type can help you supplement your income or even put lump sum cash in your pocket. Don’t enter into a reverse mortgage lightly, or without expert advice. Call us first and we’ll give you the low-down.

Take advantage of our historically low Florida mortgage rate today. Whether for a Florida home purchase, or a Florida mortgage refinancing, Avrus Financial & Mortgage Services, Inc can help you with loans across the entire state of Florida, including the following cities: Gainesville, Naples, Orlando, Tallahassee, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Bay, Pensacola, Tampa, Sarasota, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Cape Coral, Deltona, Lakeland, Ocala, Miami, and Port St. Lucie.

Platinum Worldwide Realty, LLC

2500 East Hallandale Beach Blvd., Hallandale Beach FL 33009

Lilo Clacher, Right Choice Realty

1213 SE 47th Ter, , Cape Coral FL 33904

Saint Lawrence Title, Inc.

327 N. Orange Ave, Orlando FL 32801

Florida Real Estate

FL Real Estate – The Market Continues to Improve

Florida Real Estate Financing by Avrus
Birds Eye View Of The Florida Coast

Across the state, real estate is stabilizing. South Florida real estate prices are on the rise in 2016 with Broward and Palm Beach counties seeing countywide median prices for homes and condominiums sold in a month

“Sales in the two counties have been strong for the past two years, but a sharp drop in the number of homes on the market is driving up prices while limiting options for buyers,” according to a recent article in The Sun Sentinel.

Still Plenty of Deals for Florida Real Estate Buyers

No matter what the local market is doing, the basic tenets of real estate remain unchanged:

You make your money when you buy. We say that Florida real estate is still a buyer’s market with plenty of bank-owned and undervalued properties to scoop up. With a little bit of savvy, you can negotiate the right deal for your needs. Even better, with the right Florida mortgage broker by your side, you can find the loan that allows you to successfully buy the real estate of your dreams.

Location, location, location. They just aren’t making any more land, folks. And no matter what is happening in the economy, real estate in Florida is still an attractive investment.

Now, add Florida real estate in the mix and the basics are even better:

–          Incredible lifestyle

–          Great beaches

–          Great climates

–          Great amenities

–          No snow shoveling…ever!

–          And no state income tax

When you combine all of that with the recent benefits of the current all-time low interest rates and state and federal incentive programs for buying and refinancing, how can you go wrong?

Think: Real Estate Florida!

Think: Team of Real Estate Professionals!

Think: Successful Purchase!

From single family to multifamily, vacation home to primary residence, apartment buildings to commercial property, and very high-end to the more modest real estate en Florida, we are dedicated to helping you through the process and purchase of your desired Florida property.

Of course, you will also want to work with a great real estate professional that knows the ins and outs of the business and your local market. We’ve worked with many realtors over the years and there is something you should know before you select who will represent you: not all Florida real estate agents are created equally.

4  Musts from Your Real Estate Agent

He/She must…

…Know the area inside and out: market trends, street names, schools, amenities, etc.

…Communicate with you regularly, and return phone calls in a timely manner.

…Cooperate and work effectively with others in your team of professionals.

…Work for you, solely. You want to make sure you are working with a buyer’s agent.

Once we have determined your buying power in the Florida real estate market, we can put you in touch with highly qualified and professional agents that we trust to work for you. If you have a relationship with someone you trust, then we are happy to collaborate and work with your agent to facilitate a successful real estate purchase.

Being Confident Your Approved For Your Mortgage Is Important
Avrus Will Find Out If You Are Approved Quickly



The 9 Step Process of Buying Florida Real Estate:

Step 1:      Decide how much you are able and willing to spend.

Step 2:      Get your loan pre-approved by your mortgage company first.

Step 3:      Determine what type of real estate you need and want.

Step 4:      Go shopping!

Step 5:      Make your offer and negotiate a contract to buy.

Step 6:      Do your due diligence (home and termite inspections, etc.)

Step 7:      Apply for your loan.

Step 8:      Buy your insurance. (Read the policies carefully. Hurricanes happen.)

Step 9:      Close the loan.

Step 10:    Celebrate! You are now the proud owner of Florida real estate.

Here’s a quick statistic reference guide from Trulia to some average listing for week ending Dec 30, 2015 and for Oct ’15 – Dec ’15, 2015 median selling prices of FL residential home standings in some of the cities we serve:


City Avg. Listing Price Median Sales Price
Gainesville $213,000 $82,000
Naples $717,185 $291,000
Orlando $246,529 $178,900
Tallahassee $185.087 $158,750
Fort Lauderdale $689,890 $287,500
Palm Bay $136,460 $126,800
Pensacola $178,917 $121,250
Tampa $300,074 $168,000
Sarasota $527,297 $226,500
West Palm Beach $305,681 $148,162
Jacksonville $195,313 $144,900
Cape Coral $272.723 $182,000
Deltona $130,928 $114,900
Lakeland $185,333 $140,000
Ocala $220,993 $98,500
Miami $477,580 $245,000
Port St. Lucie $205,821 $160,000


Ally Bank

Jacksonville, Florida

Beach Community Bank

3702 Highway 98, Mexico Beach, FL 32456

Community Bank of Broward

3111 N University Dr, Coral Springs, FL 33065


20 Giralda Ave. Coral Gables, FL 33134

Fifth Third Bank

10899 Park Boulevard Seminole, FL 33772

First Bank of the Palm Beaches

415 5th St, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

GE Capital Bank

Boca Raton, FL

Synovus Bank - Westshore

4488 W Boy Scout Blvd, Tampa, FL ‎

Florida mortgages

Come Discover beautiful Florida Real Estate | Avrus Mortgage Services
Discover Great Mortgage Rates In Florida | Avrus Financial

Florida is a great state with a history, a climate and a standard of living that are the envy of the world.  And one of the really great things about Florida, from the perspective of someone who is planning to move here, is Avrus Financial and Mortgage Services.

Avrus is a different kind of company.  Since 1982, we have been welcoming homeowners and home buyers with a warm smile, providing them with helpful and friendly assistance so that they can afford their dream homes, while so many banks were simply dismissing them.




Here is the traditional way that Florida mortgages are typically arranged by the banks.

  • First, the bank makes you fill in a huge pile of forms.
  • Then the bank makes you wait.  And wait.
  • Finally, the bank says, “Sorry, you don’t qualify”.

All that work the banks put you through for nothing.  Not only is that not very respectful of your time, but it is also completely unnecessary.  Most people can qualify if given half a chance.

Here is how Avrus Financial and Mortgage Services arranges your Florida mortgage:

  • First we prequalify you; that doesn’t take all the forms.
  • Oops, if you don’t qualify, we take the time to help you fix that bump in the road so that you do qualify.  In most cases there are steps you can take.
  • Then, once you qualify, we help you complete the rest of the forms.
  • We learn everything we can about your financial plans, how you like to handle your finances and your plans as owner of your new Jacksonville property.
  • Next we get the best mortgage with the optimal term and the ideal features for you, based on our plans for both the property and your finances overall.
  • One more very important step, we push to see how low an interest rate we can get for you on that ideal mortgage, because that can save you big money that can be used in better ways than paying interest.
  • Finally, we help you through the mortgage sign-up process.

    Florida Mortgages and FLorida Mortgage Rates Will Have You Singing Like a Bird
    Your Florida Mortgage Rate is nothing to Mock About | Avrus

Florida is a great state, and a Florida mortgage is something to wear with price.  It means that you own a part of the State of Florida, and you are now the envy of the world.  We are always thrilled to help another Florida homeowner make it happen.

A Reverse Mortgage Florida can Sweeten Your Retirement Vacation Plans | Avrus Financial Services


A Reverse Mortgage in Florida Can Stablize your Retirement Income

Keep the Florida Mortgage Broker in Sight when Purchasing Florida Real Estate | Avrus Mortgage Services

Overcome Retirement Financial Woes with a Reverse Mortgage Florida Loan
Take Flight with a Florida Mortgage Refinancing | Avrus Mortgage